Contract Manufacturing in Europe

In Europe, we work with our sub-contractor network for parts and PCB and the product final assembly is made in our facility.

Contract Manufacturing in China

In China, we have a fully integrated OEM ODM solution with in house plastic injection workshop, SMT workshop and final product assembly and packaging workshop.


In Altyor, we have a deep undesrtanding of manufacturing processes. In our organisation we have New Product Introduction (NPI) teams, production methods team and quality team that are involved very soon in the product development process and during of the product life. Those team will elaborate numerous documents as control documentation, operation instructions, packaging instruction... wheter the production is done in our own workshop or if it is produced in our sub-contractors network. Such an organisation allow us to build a high repetability on each production process.

During NPI process, our team will make sure that all production toolings, assembly toolings and control specifications are designed and produced early enough so that first pilot run can be produced with a state of the art industrial process. This allow to validate process in the same time than product and when product is validated, this allow to start mass production at once, reducing the overall time to market.

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