Made in Europe

Over 20 companies are working for PDCI, in plastic, painting, electronic... PDCI has organised itself to be able to follow all those suppliers and act as the one shop solution for any company that would like to produce in Europe. PDCI manages orders, inventories, logistics as well as suitable packaging solutions between factories to reduce waste and emissions.

warehouse in Orléans

Parts are produced in different companies and all shipped to our 5000 square meters facility in Orléans for quality check, assembly and final packaging.

With this European base network and organisation, ALTYOR is positioning itself as a reliable contract manufacturer for industrial parts, consummer electronics and IoT. In a moment were companies try to reduce the number of suppliers, ALTYOR is the perfect solution to take care of your products development and production in Europe, with a high concern on supply chain management (quality, on time delivery, reliability and sustainability of suppliers...) and with a deep culture of customer satisfaction.

Just ask who we are working for and you will understand that we do have a reliable solution for you.

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