We always develop products in regards with the industrial technologies that will be used for mass production.

We master all classical industrial technologies and SMT process for electronic products. But with a very high concern about the housing construction. What makes the difference with the best IoT products is their design and construction. We have ability in all classical processes of housing construction like plastic injection, silicon rubber, aluminium stamping, profiles, machining...

Differents finishes

But we also recently acquired the necessecary knowledge about new and trendy technologies like glass, plastronic...
We also have a full solution for parts decoration: painting, screening, IMD, IML, laser marking, laser hitching...


And what is a nice product without a packaging: we are able to propose any kind of packaging currently available on the market.

All those technologies are very well understood through the whole ALTYOR Group. Consolidating all the needs for our customers, we manage to provide enough business volume to each of our suppliers, thus, the relationship with any of them is considered as balanced and big enough in terms of volume.

Even your first quantities are small, we will help you to reach any technology you need for your product production.

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