The Organisation

Totally 20 engineers, the design houses are located both in Orléans, in France and in Shanghai, in China.
Both design houses are leaded by an experience engineer with a long history in electronic and product development.

A senior engineer acts as the hardware solution architect. We built functional blocks that we can reuse from a product to another to save money and time. This is for exemple the BLE function, the WIFI function, etc…

As most of products are IoT products, the wireless communication is very present in our design. Up to now, we are skilled in WIFI, Bluetooth and BLE, Z-wave, EnOcean and proprietary 868 Mhz protocols. We are currently developing our solutions in LoRa, SIGFOX and Thread. As a complement, we have a good ability in antenna design, which is a key factor in product reliability.

Most of our teammates have ability both in hardware and software so that they can carry their firmware on the hardware they created.

Finally, we have an in-house EMC anechoic chamber to allow pre-qualification of the procuct, CE or FCC. For final qualification, we mainly work with INTERTEK and EMITECH.

Component brands

We have in the group our own components procurement department and direct contact will all main chip manufacturers and distributors. Thus, we are always up-to-date with the latest technologies available in silicon industry.

As a first step we will write with you the scope of requirements to make sure that all expected functions are covered.

Based on this scope, we will make the selection of components that we will use. As much as possible, we will use components that are already in our base.

At this stage, we will be able to give you a quotation of the development cost and an approximate cost of the final product.


Our head of electronic engineering has a long experience. Designing the product is one step but we attach a lot of importance on qualification, certification and pilot run validation. Doing one Proof of concept is one thing, designing a product that can be produced in mass production and with similar characteristics is another thing.

As for the mechanical design, we do attach a strong importance on that step because we know that this is essential to ramp up production without problems. Our electronic design department is MFI developper certified.

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