Mechanical engineering

ALTYOR has been in charge of the mechanical engineering for Telecom gateways and set up box, robotics, working for the world wide most advance humanoïd robot for technology transfer and design of complicate structure parts, motorbike airbag system, home automation for consummer market and IoT, air venting, smoke detection, windows industrie, RFID readers...

ALTYOR has a deep understanding of industrialisation and production. As we manage the full product development process and supply chain, what will be the production constraints of our factories are an input for our design engineers. Thus we do manage to design products easy to assemble meeting the design to cost requirements of our customers and the most important, we know that our design is feasible afterwards in production.

Always opened to new technologies, we manage design of all kinds of materials: plastics, silicons, metals, glass... and are able to meet most of requierements of new consumer electronics and IoT break throught designs.

Our mechanical design services are not limited to the 3D drawings only. We will supply you with a full set of 2D drawings with all important dimensions and production tolerances.

We also conduct a full analyse of prototypes, off tools and pilot run to make sure the parts are in accordance with design. We will make the first articles analysis for you and support you at each step of the industrialisation process.

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