Equipments for prototyping

We have totally four 3D printing machines in the group using different technologies. 2 simple machines for early prototyping. One MAKERBOT REPLICATOR for more precise prototype in ABS filament technology and one OJECT ink jet 3D printing machine for advance result with a precision up to 0.02 mm. This last technology really allow us to make design validation internally and quickly.


We are also very proficient with our partners in machining prototyping in any material which allows us to produce prototypes with a prefect finition similar to the final result that will be available during mass production. This allow to reduce the commercial time to market. While we are setting up the toolings and production chain, you already have sales man samples in hand to start commercial work.

We also have a complete network of qualified partner using the most advance printing technologies for more complicate cases. For exemple, we have a solution of powder meting using PA66 Glass Fiber reinforced material that allow to conduct complete mechanical tests of prototype for parts that are highly sollititated mechanically in their future usage.

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