Innovation & market Intelligence

Innovation is the key factor to success for middle size companies like ALTYOR.

Innovation is in our genes. But innovation must meet the market demand. This is why we always carry a very active market intelligence on our market segments, especially consummer electronics, Internet of Things and connected objects.


ALTYOR group has a significant advantage on the smart buttons market. Beyond the current projects for corporate customers and startups, the group has triggered a specific R&D project on a smart button using SIGFOX technology.

design thinking

Design thinking is a new way of positioning product on the market while creating its identity. The general idea is to locate the innovation at a cross point between the Human approach (usage, desirability), the Business approach (economic viability, having astreet price in accordance with market price), and the Technology approach (is it feasible). We integrated the way of thinking in altyor and consider the design thinking as a strategic innovation process.

Home automation solutions

IoT market is spredding very quickly and yet, without standards, creating new usages every day. On this market segment, market intelligence is even more important for our activity. Understading the user cases, usages, price point, market size...This is a daily concern for most of our subsidaries. For NodOn when realising a new product, for TILOLI when referencing a new brand but this is also very usefull for our contract manufacturing services when we have a design thinking approach on their product with them.

Geolocation solutions

ALTYOR owns a complete technology of cloud base community associated to a GPS and 3G hardware device. Each device can communicate to the serveur through the 3G module and report an important iformation which is afterwards diffused to all other users and which are in a close position. This allows us to easilly develop any Geolocation Device like trackers. All those activities are held in the last created ALTYOR daughter company : PIXITIS

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