ALTYOR: expert in industrial design of plastic parts

An expert in the industrial design of plastic parts, proactive in proposals for materials and processes, ALTYOR Group has wide-ranging capabilities in plastics conversion. We have designed and manufactured moulds for hundreds of customers. We can offer custom solutions using industrial resources within our Group or sub-contracting, in Europe or in China. These are adapted to our customers' mechanical, functional, aesthetic and standards requirements as far as possible for the quantities to be produced.

Choosing the right transformation process for each project

ALTYOR Group controls the industrial modeling phase and determines which transformation process is the most suited to the customers' requirements depending on their technical and economic criteria: injection, compression, low and high pressure, encapsulation, sandwiform, blow moulding, thermoforming, rotational moulding, etc.

Our project support naturally includes numerous checks and tweaking of the moulds and tools. Thanks to our network, which comprises the best manufacturers in every market segment, we are able to offer our customers a high technical level to make their moulds and tools in the necessary time-frames.

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