At ALTYOR Group, when we produce, we have already considered the industrialization and production constraints. We know well the factories with which we work to integrate, from the industrial design phase, the process constraints and industrial methods.

To do this, we have two full-time team members in charge of methods and industrialization. One person takes care of electronics. As soon as the initial components and routings are in position, this person makes an industrial design review in order to apply our industrial methods and ensure that the product designed can be made correctly and reliably. One person takes care of assembly methods. This person takes over the industrialization review of the full product, from the spare part to the ready-to-deliver packaged product.

Each part which is ready for manufacture has a defined range of checks and acceptance criteria.

Each product will have a reviewed and corrected nomenclature so that the necessary information is passed on to the factories.

Lastly, we define the specifications of test benches to ensure that a product is manufactured in compliance with customer requirements.

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