Our role as an industrial company pushes us to think differently and to mobilize our customers on the influence of everyone on the environment, near and far. To this end, Altyor has implemented an eco-responsible approach to control and reduce our environmental footprint.

This vision applies to all of our customers' electronic and mechanical products. To achieve this, all our teams are involved, whether it is our R&D departments, which choose well-considered methods, our purchasing department, which sources partners according to this logic, or our logistics department, which takes into account our carbon impact. 

This vision is based on 5 axis for a reasoned design and responsible manufacturing. 


Design for Tomorrow approach and particularly the recycling of plastic materials, has been certified by PLASTI-OUEST, an organisation that promotes the plastic industry and its recycling. 


Here are the main steps in the process of implementing our approach: 

Step 1

Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental and social impact measurement of the products developed and manufactured by Altyor

Step 2

Search for eco-responsible solutions during the design and manufacture of our customers' products

Step 3

Technology watch to bring innovative solutions to our customers


Altyor's charter covers all the ethical and social rules established within our teams; rules such as non-discrimination and respectable working conditions that guarantee our commitment to our employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

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