Packaging, everything but a product accessory

Product and packaging go hand-in-hand, and packaging design completes this equation. There are many packaging tasks, in addition to product and brand enhancement: attract the buyer's attention to the product on shelves, send out a message (nature, advantages, product strengths), trigger a purchase, continue to appeal post-purchase, facilitate use, facilitate downstream logistics, etc. Not forgetting the basic purpose of packaging: to contain and protect.

ALTYOR Group has real experience in distribution

ALTYOR Group is fully aware of these necessities as it distributes some of its own products. The designer intervenes in this step to guide the customer in his choices. Several things need to be considered: the targeted consumer, current trends, the position in the shop, the appreciation value required of the product and the packaging, the cost objective of the packaging.

The first phase is to define the concept of the required packaging, with different ideas, in compliance with the customers' economic and aesthetic requirements. Then comes the graphical creation phase, which determines everything which will appear on the packaging.

The designer who works on the packaging of an object is always the one who designed it.

Our achievements

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