Solid test processes

Production methods are essential for the correct industrialization of a product.

Product test processes are an essential part of an industrial activity. It is vital to ensure that each product complies with customer expectations. On our factories' assembly lines, the products are inspected individually to ensure they meet all acceptance requirements defined with the customer.

ALTYOR Group define the product test specifications with the customer. We then translate these functional test specifications into technical acceptance criteria. We work with our many partners who make test benches according to our criteria.

Choosing the right test process for each project depending on quantities

We can adjust test bench manufacturing to the planned quantities. For high work rates, the test benches will be highly automated and will require heavy investment. For smaller series, we can also work on test benches requiring more manual intervention, but with a more reasonable investment. When work rates increase, it is also possible to manufacture a simple test bench and then adjust it to the increase in volume.

Carefully planning the test bench is an essential part of product industrialization and must take place early on in the industrial design phase, particularly concerning electronics. It is impossible to manufacture a product without a test bench that can test all of the product's functionalities. All too often, this aspect is neglected and is not included in the product industrialization budget. ALTYOR Group attaches great importance to the quality of its test benches and to the completeness of the functionalities tested.

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