Design is in our veins

Design thinking is a new approach that combines different way of analyze the product usage and identity.

The products must position itself at the cross of desirability by the user, economic viability and technological feasibility. ALTYOR has just integrated the new approach and has a whole strategic plan to develop this competency hiring new talent from the most advanced Master program in France.

hand design

They are working on digital tablet to make the first sketches and find the right direction with customers. Once this is done, the designers will work directly on solidwors or pro-E while integrating product construction, inner parts, mechanical constrains to make a feasible and realistic design.

industrial design

Then, once product has its identity, Industrial Design is creating products that will interpellate customers. Our designers have their very own styles and are keeping an active intelligence on modern trends to be able to propose the best designs.

realistic render

We are also able to propose design render for commercial use as well as packaging and artwork design. This allow your team to start the sales and marketing job even before the first prototypes are availables.

Our achievements

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