Our heart activity: connected objects and home automation


Building industrial strategies with our customers

An industrial strategy is of the utmost importance in the race to be competitive and cannot be reduced simply to a purchasing strategy, itself reduced to squeezing prices.
Building a long-term partnership with our network of partners and being able to ensure flawless manufacturing and assembly quality are our essential targets.
This priority of ALTYOR Group's policy translates the company's motivation to guarantee perfect control of its products and services.

Our active unit dedicated to research and qualification of new technologies and technical solutions allows us to accompany our customers even further in an innovation or cost reduction approach.

Vast expertise in IoT manufacturing and assembly

ALTYOR is particularly specialised in IoT manufacturing & assembly, for example for FrenchTech start-ups, in the fields of home automation, health, transport, leisure, professionals, security, etc.
At ALTYOR Group, we help Internet of Things Start-Ups to grow!

IoT manufacturing

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