Workshop in China

Our facility covers 12,000 square meters with one plastic injection workshop where we can produce the housings of the products, one SMT workshop to produce the PCBA, and a product testing and modular assembly zone allows us to manufacture most of IoT and electronic products. This factory is also MFI producer certified. We employ a total number of about 250 employees of which 20 French and Worlwide staff managing the complete team.

Made in china

Industrialization of product is made using new product introduction best practices. Setting up working instructions and assembly tooling as early as the first parts assembly to ensure that pilot run is made in mass production conditions. This allow to validate a complete process in the mean time that validating the product in itself.

This approach of industrialization allow us to set up production that will ensure a high repeatibility in the production process and a shortened time to market as once product is validated, we can consider that production process is also validated and can be activited at once after final product validation.

We also manage a network of qualified partners in China for all sub-contracted parts like power supplies, batteries, cables, packaging, aluminium parts, glass, silicon rubber... We can meet any wish you have about your product housing!

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