Made in Europe & Made in France

In theory, having products manufactured in Europe to sell them mainly in this region is logical. Also, manufacturing close to the place of consumption reduces the ecological footprint of our customers' products. However, companies have often chosen to manufacture in "low cost" countries for economical reasons.

Pragmatism, quality and cost management at the centre of ALTYOR Group choices

More and more companies are starting to manufacture heavily in Europe again, and ALTYOR is eager to meet their requirements. Producing in Europe (instead in China) can be more profitable, depending on the labour rate in the final price of the manufactured product, but, especially, manufacturing in Europe provides greater responsiveness and allows for just-in-time manufacturing management. It is also easier to produce smaller series.

ALTYOR Group has a long-stranding network of partners in Europe, each one specialized in different technologies and types of manufacturing to meet the specific demands of its customers.

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