New market

It is a very exciting and challenging market because it is moving the lines of conventional markets. 

  • IoT creates new usages 
  • IoT needs break throught solution in terms of engineering 
  • IoT needs new distribution channels 
  • IoT is addressing new users who are not the conventional ones. 

For all this reasons, this is very exciting because it opens a whole new world. But this is also very challenging and demanding cause we need to re-invente everything.

IoT business

ALTYOR has been evoluating in IoT business for more than 7 years already.

We have seen the evolution of this market from its beginning and have a very good understanding of the market trands but also the usages. Consummer experience is the key point while entering the IoT products. New usages needs to take great care of how users will actually interact with their product. We understand that pretty well and many of our young engineers are also using IoT at homes.

Thus, while pretending being able to offer you contract manufacturing services and distribution services for IoT, we mean we speak your language and we do evoluate in the same world. This makes the difference.

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