ALTYOR, expert in smart buttons now release a SIGFOX network button ?

As an expert in Smart button by managing further projects such as NIU and Gaspard, ALTYOR group is moving forward on a SIGFOX smart button : ClicMe.

NIU, the latest product from NodOn, ALTYOR Group spin off, is a smart button using BLE technology (Bluetooth Low Energy). Linked to IFTTT platform with a dedicated channel, NIU is shortcut to the smartphone capable to launch multiple actions without pulling out the smartphone from the pocket or the bag! 

Regarding GASPARD, this Smart button allows you to share your localization to your friends, family, by clicking 3 times on it. With those 2 products, GASPARD marketed in 2015 and NIU marketed in 2016, ALTYOR group has a significant advantage on the smart buttons market. Beyond the current projects for corporate customers and startups, the group has triggered a specific R&D project on a smart button using SIGFOX technology.

Why choosing SIGFOX network?

If no communication protocol is fully operational on the European territory, SIGFOX comes out on top versus the other wireless protocols. Today, SIGFOX is the best solution regarding battery life, size and coverage.

- SIGFOX network vs GSM: GSM needs a paid subscription and needs more energy than SIGFOX. We all know that is necessary to charge our cell phone once in a day.

- SIGFOX vs Bluetooth: With SIGFOX network no need to be closed to the smartphone or tablet to receive the radio signal. Smart home and Wi-Fi protocols are not comparable as well due to the coverage limited in the house. The only one which is able to compete with SIGFOX is LoRa but the coverage in summer 2016 is less important than SIGFOX network. 

Nevertheless, ALTYOR group is aware about LoRa coverage improvement and is keeping in touch with major actors using LoRa such as Orange or Objenious (Bouygues Telecom subsidiary in charge of the LoRa technology development).

What uses with SIGFOX Smart button?

Cases of uses are no limit. Most of the major groups such as DARTY and LA POSTE have already imagined the different cases. DARTY currently has proposed to their consumers a web call back button, sold with a paid subscription. One press on the button and the after-sales service calls you back. This smart button using WIFI and can be used indoor only.

Q4 2016 LA POSTE has planned to sell a smart button as well, named Domino. This button will be placed in the mail box. Leave your pack in the mail box and push the button, your pack will be pick up by LA POSTE. More than this, no need to wrap your pack!

Lots of customer services are very interested in smart button for keeping in touch as close as possible with their customer and to build customer loyalty. For a brand the main target is to be in the house or in the pocket of the customer, and being ready to reply at any time.

ALTYOR group is being working on different Smart button according to the different uses: home, outdoor, case of emergency, call back, etc … The technical requirements could be quite different according to the different cases. With its skills alliance, ALTYOR group is able to advise his clients on the technology and on the uses.

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