Working for some of the major Home Automation actors, we quickly understood that those companies were buying their end devices directly in China to companies that were not offering what they were looking for in terms of design, quality and reliability.
All Home Automation gateway producers are marketing their products around usage cases that request a full environment of connected home devices as switches, remote controls, smart plugs, actuators, sensors... Those products not being available on the market or not reaching the expectations of integrators.


From this analysis of the market and supplies situation, we decided to create NodOn which is providing end-devices to the Home Automation market in standard protocols like Z-wave, Bluetooth, EnOcean...

NodOn proposes OEM ODM services for Home Automation end devices or directly on-the-shelves products under its own brand: NodOn.
Our products being well design and break through, the respond of the market is very warm and we propose a full range of state of the arts home automation end devices.


The NodOn team is based in France. It brings together experts in design, mechanics, radio, marketing and IoT project management.

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