ALTYOR Group provides "custom" management for our customers' logistics flows and schedules, based on operational resources designed with that in mind.

Usually, ALTYOR delivers its shipments on DDP Incoterms: our supply chain units take care of shipment scheduling, container consolidation, customs declarations, customs clearance, receiving at our depots and delivery to the customer.

For customers who need to receive supplies frequently and who have a clear picture of their needs, we can offer a two week turnaround from receipt of order to the delivery of products.

Distribution of products and IT accessories

Since 2004, TILOLI has become specialist in commercialization and distribution of products and IT accessories, mainly in Apple segment all over Europe.

We are known has one of the key distributors in the segment of Apple accessories and IT accessories for tablets and smartphones. TILOLI has now a product offering over 20 premium brands product offering over 20 premium brands (headphone et speakers).

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