Command of the entire process by ALTYOR Group

A company's performance and sometimes continuity today depends on controlling the logistics process, from forecasting requirements through to acceptance by the customer, including supplies, routing the manufactured goods in the factory, to sub-contractors abroad, in warehouses, through to shipment. Providing the right product at the right time in the right place: this is where the notion of "just in time" comes in.

What's it about? Creating a management approach which co-ordinates the different transport and storage operations so that they are not triggered too early (stock obsolescence) or too late (supply shortage).

Transport, storage customs

To store goods which transit on our platforms, we have a 3,000 m² storage area and carry out all logistics operations on behalf of our customers: transport and customs clearance, flows of goods, safety stock and insurance.

ALTYOR Group thus guarantees traceability of all movements of your goods and remains loyal to its principles and commitments; the same principles and commitments which have led to the development of this special relationship with customers: reliability, traceability and safety.

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