ASK, the Altyor's hardware platform

ASK, the Altyor's hardware platform

Ask, a centralized and evolutive platform of Altyor's technological blocks

The challenges of industrialization and manufacturing of a smart device are plurial. However, two challenges are clear: the unit cost and the risk management (price, obsolescence, procurement lead times) of the blocks and components.

ALTYOR has compiled its 28 years of experience in R&D and industrialization in an interactive and evolutive knowledge management platform: ASK. It covers more than 160 mastered hardware and firmware bricks. 

Connected to both ALTYOR ERP and Silicon expert software, the benefit for Altyor and its customers is threefold:

  • Optimize product BOM (bill of material) and product cost with up-to-date component prices
  • Control the risks in terms of obsolescence of electronic components or compliance with international standards
  • Capitalising on ALTYOR's design skills and expertise

Discover ASK thanks to Thomas Gauthier, CEO:

The online version is a way for our customers to discover an interactive catalogue of the bricks mastered by Altyor. Find out more about our expertise:


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