When the IA is at the service of the hardware

When the IA is at the service of the hardware

  • What is WALES?

WALES is the result of a collaboration between Cartesiam, specialized in embedded artificial intelligence in objects, and Altyor, a major player in the design and manufacture of smart devices. 

WALES is a prototype leak detector adaptable to all valves. After positioning Wales on 2 positions of the piping, the Machine Learning library generated by Cartesiam's artificial intelligence software performs a learning step lasting 30 seconds per position. The software chooses the optimum algorithmic model for leak detection with maximum precision. In just 1 minute, WALES informs you of a leak.

Discover WALES on this vidéo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0NPDUcltAM

  • About the collaboration Cartesiam & Altyor

"Our vocation is to enable companies to move from the "Internet of things" to the "intelligence of things". Our partnership with Altyor, a key player in this industry, is perfectly in line with this strategy and WALES is just the first example of a long series of intelligent objects of which we can only be proud." JOËL RUBINO, CEO CARTESIAM

"At Altyor, we believe strongly in Edge Computing technology and to democratize it Cartesiam, a market disrupter, needs industrial partners like Altyor to manufacture their products." YANIS COTTARD, CEO ALTYOR

Download the press release here

Contact press: Marion -  mvalentin@altyor.com


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