NIU® the new Smart Button by NodOn

NIU® the new Smart Button by NodOn

NIU is a button connected in Bluetooth to your smartphone, wich gives an easy and user friendly interface to control your apps. NIU® will transform the way you interact with your Smart Home.

NIU®, has an elegant design and bright colors, and can be configured very easily with its dedicated app.There is so much way to use NIU® that the only limit is your imagination

NIU® is fully compatible with iFTTT. This platform permits to make online scenarios ( is fully supported by NIU® and gives access to hundreds Smart Home devices (Nest, MyFox, Philips HUE, Netatmo, Smartthings, etc…) and services (Email sending, dropbox, etc…).

Here are some examples of what can make NIU® with a simple press :

  • Adjust a comfort temperature with Nest or Netatmo thermostat
  • Start a special light atmosphere with Philips HUE
  • Control a Home Automation gateway like SmartThings
  • Send an Email to parents to inform children are back home

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