Several phases of electronic prototyping

On the electronic part, the purpose of the first PCB prototype, proto 1, is to bring the software developments to the target as early as possible, to carry out an initial inventory on the certification protocol and to present a demonstration product to our customer.

The second prototype, proto 2, serves to take into account all comments regarding the certification protocol, to make modifications following the introduction of proto 1, to produce the manufacturing file for the pre-series and to validate the embedded software in the final target. It consists in validating all of the functionalities defined in the specifications.

In-depth tests on PCBs 

  • ALTYOR Group's electronic engineering department organises unit tests to validate the hardware and software modules on the PCB. A unit test report is updated each time a test takes place. Hardware tests begin with proto 1. From the first hardware validation steps, the prototype is made available to the software development team for porting and to start the software tests.
    The product is launched when all of the hardware and all software drivers have been validated.

  • The purpose of validation tests by ALTYOR Group is to ensure that the product perfectly corresponds to all requirements in the specifications. The product is launched when all requirements have been demonstrated, by calculation (measurement accuracy on acquisition chains, by example), by inspection (dimensions, etc.), by compliance with data sheets (environment, etc.) or by test.

2 electronic and mechanical R&D center

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